Supporting Babies & Nonwalkers in Winter

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Supporting Babies and Non-walkers in Winter ~ I’d love to hear tips you have! These are some ideas that a group of family child care providers suggested when we worked together last winter.

  • Remember that babies and non-walkers are not getting the same kind of active movement and will get cold easily.
  • Even if outdoor time is short, babies benefit from being outdoors as well!
  • One piece snowsuits with attached mittens and booties are the best way to keep little ones warm. Ask for donations of high quality snowsuits that families are finished with when their child outgrows them.
  • Try to build in compassion for mixed aged groups so that older children interact with babies and help ‘entertain’ them a bit outside. Don’t blame the ‘baby’ for the reason you have to come in early or there could be an animosity that builds between the older children and the younger children.
  • Time tested ways to keep babies comfortable outside in winter – blanket laid into a sled, wagon or stroller; baby swing; flattened cardboard box to crawl on; mesh pop up playpen, or bouncy seat with umbrella protecting them from falling snow.
  • Wearing babies can work in winter- backpack or front pack – just be sure to continue to check on their warmth
  • Remember to add an extra layer of clothing for sedentary children and be sure to check that little skin is exposed to the air.
  • Try to keep babies and non-walkers out of direct wind. See the wind chill chart and keep in mind that babies are more affected by wind since they are much more sedentary outside.
  • Babies should be in a dry diaper when you head outdoors and fair better in disposable moisture wicking diapers (not cloth) when outdoors for extended periods of time.
  • Check the comfort level of the baby frequently. Feel the nape of their neck to see how their temperature might be.

Want to hear more tips for getting ready for winter – I shared some ideas in this recording:

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