Mission Statement: “Deepening our roots of nature based teaching.”

April Zajko, M.Ed. is the founder and owner of April’s Teaching Tree, which aims to help parents and educators deepen their interest in connecting to nature. April has led professional development programs for hundreds of teachers and child care providers throughout the state of Vermont, and is now exploring ways to share her knowledge with people around the globe ~~through e-courses, curriculum downloads, and online coaching. April also provides in-person professional development and consulting with a focus on integrating nature, art, and early childhood.

April is a Licensed Early Childhood Educator and Reading Specialist. Her bachelor’s degree was earned at Delaware State University, and her master’s degree was earned at University of Virginia. Her passion for lifelong learning has led her to study in-depth about place-based learning, mindfulness, holistic development, nature-inspired approach to early childhood, and creating supportive learning environments for all children. April’s calling has always been found in the great outdoors. As John Muir is quoted saying, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” April feels that call and believes that it is experiences in nature that will help reconnect families and help find balance in a sped up world.

Through the last 18 years, April has taught early education programs in both public and private schools and has had great joy in connecting with a wide cross section of educators, researchers, child care providers, homeschoolers, families and most importantly children.  April has learned many ways to integrate nature into the indoor learning environment and has found meaningful ways to reconnect children and families with the outdoors. April hopes to connect with others in finding powerful ways to use nature to meet early childhood standards through play-based learning, nature infused materials, and joyful learning environments!