Gardening Theme Art Projects


Thumbprint Flowers on a Canvas Bag – perhaps my favorite teacher gift ever was this lovely bag with the names and thumbprints of all my students that year. It’s a treasured keepsake and would also make a wonderful end of the year gift for all the children to receive. (Perhaps make onto t-shirts instead of bags?)

Handprint Sunflowerson large paper pre-draw a 3-4 inch circle. Help kids paint one hand yellow and make 5-6 handprints around the circle forming a sunflower. Pour on some white Elmer’s glue and glue down real sunflower seeds in the center of the circle. Add green stems and create a wonderful bulletin board display of all the children’s hands.


Watercolor Sunflowers- cut out a sunflower shape, paint with liquid watercolor paints in yellow and orange, then glue on real sunflower seeds. Create the stem with a couple different green colored crepe paper. These make a beautiful classroom display!


Egg Carton Flowerspre-cut individual egg cups from cardboard egg cartons and thread green pipe cleaners into the cups to form a stem. The children can paint the outside of the cups with watercolor paint and then add tissue paper to the inside of the cups using white glue. Add leaves to the stems too. (Great tool for teaching about parts of a plant)

Beans & Grain Mosaicscut out small squares from corrugated cardboard. In small cups, color Elmer’s glue several different shades. Have the kids make mosaics by coating their cardboard with glue designing it with different grains (wheat, rice) and dried beans (black, kidney, lima, etc.)

Bean Mosaic Sun-catchers – lay a small plastic lid on the table, fill the lid with Elmer’s glue, and lay in a variety of seeds. Make a pattern or design or just put in a variety. Allow to dry overnight. Pop it out of the lid, make a small hole in the dried glue, and add a ribbon so you can hang it in a window.

Stamping with Root Vegetables – prior to the kids arriving, cut potatoes cut into various shapes, cut carrots just using the ends, use the end of the celery & cut turnips in half. Adding popsicle sticks may make the printing easier. Show kids how to dip or paint the stamps and then press onto the paper. Using grocery bags, cut out one side that is print free. Kids stamp to create a garden picture. (In the fall, we do the same project but cut out a cornucopia shape to stamp onto.)

Collage Gardens – kids cut pictures from gardening magazines and seed catalogs and arrange them onto paper into their “Dream Gardens”

Soda or Water Bottle Flowers – use the bottom of plastic bottle to dip into paint or a very wet ink pad, stamp onto paper. Add stems and leaves to make the prints look like flowers.

My Garden Plans – precut paper shapes to resemble garden veggies, kids glue them onto graph paper to make a square foot garden plan.

Shaving Cream Prints spread shaving cream on trays and provide liquid water colors to drip on top. Kids swirl the paint then press a piece of paper on top to make a print. {Paper can be cut into shapes such as flowers, veggies, or trees.}

Tree or Plant Paint Blotto: Day one -fold cardstock in half and drip paint onto one side and press together. Let dry. The next day kids can add details with more paint or add collage materials.

Beaded Flowers –need pipe cleaners, beads in bright colors, and flower cookie cutters to form the shapes. Children add beads to the pipe cleaners then make the flower design by molding along the outside of the cookie cutter. Add a hanger using either dental floss or fishing line.

Painting Coffee Filter Flowers with Ice Cubes – freeze several trays of ice cubes & food coloring or paint with a popsicle stick in it. Show the children how to hold the stick and ‘paint’ with the melting ice cube. Precut the coffee filters for the children or leave as a whole circle. Once dry, add a green pipe cleaner stem.

Glitter Flowers or Plants – Have kids create thick lines of glue on wax paper (or laminate scraps). Use a q-tip or toothpick to make a plant or flower design. Sprinkle with glitter and let dry.

Spin Art Painting – using a salad spinner, lay down a thick piece of paper such as card stock. Drizzle in watered down tempera paint. Put on lid and let kids spin. Check and add more paint, if desired! The paper could be pre-cut into flower shapes.

Bubble Wrap Print Makingcut flower & plant shapes from bubble wrap, brush on paint and then stamp onto paper. Experiment with different sized bubble wrap — jumbo to tiny! Tape the bubble wrap to the table so it’s stationary and you are only moving the paper.

Check out my Pinterest board for more information about gardening with children:

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